2. Millview Hospital, Hove, East Sussex – Sound Absorbers

Background: Staff using the meeting and training room at the hospital complained that it was difficult to understand what others in the room were saying. The room had a sloping ceiling and one of the main external walls was fully glazed. Following sound tests by independent analysts Acoustic Associates it was found that the room was too reverberant and they recommended that absorbers were fitted at high level to two of the sloping walls and the main wall opposite the glazed wall. In order to achieve the total area of absorbent surfaces advised by the analysts, Thermacoustic Ltd designed and manufactured a number of tapered absorbers to follow the line of the sloping ceiling to compliment the rectangular ones also fitted.

On completion and after staff had used the room on a number of occasions, the client stated: “I was very pleased with the recent installation of the wall absorbers in the meeting room at Millview Hospital. The absorbers have blended in well with surrounding décor and have considerably improved the speech intelligibility of the room. I was also pleased with the efficient and pleasant manner of your operatives who carried out the work, particularly in view of the sensitive surroundings of a working hospital.
Virginia Bilham Project Manager for the NHS” Photos available