5. New Call Centre for NHS Trust in Lancing, West Sussex – Noise Barrier in ceiling void

A new call centre was positioned in part of a large open plan office and separated from the main office by a full height glass partition. The glass partition terminated at the suspended ceiling and sound was transmitting via the one metre deep ceiling void above. The problem was to create a sound barrier above the glass partition (working through the ceiling grid) without putting too much weight on the glass. Also, there were numerous penetrations above the glass wall in the form of ductwork, pipes and cable trays all of which would need to be sealed. Thermacoustic Ltd had to complete the work in one week as the call centre was due to become operational after that time. A noise barrier was constructed of two layers of sound block board with 50mm absorber bonded to one side. This was suspended from the concrete soffit by steel channels incorporated within the barrier which was finally attached to the suspended ceiling grid above the glass partition.

Following the work the client confirmed that they were extremely pleased with the work which had virtually eliminated noise transfer between the call centre and the adjacent open plan office.

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