Why a Guarantee for your Soundproofing Project is Important

All buildings are different, so if you are planning on having soundproofing works carried out then it is important to first establish the location of the ‘dominant sound paths’ before deciding the type and location of treatment necessary.

This will involve ascertaining the type of materials used in the original construction together with their density, thickness and the way in which they are connected to other structural components within the building. In modern buildings, drawings and specifications are generally available but in old buildings this is very often not the case, so small sections of the structure need to be exposed in order to establish this critical information, before the exact nature of soundproofing required can be quantified.

Sometimes, it is also advisable to carry out sound tests on the existing structure before finalising what is required, particularly if the performance of the new soundproofing work is to meet a guaranteed criteria.

Once all the relevant data is available ‘best advice’ can be offered to the client regarding the type and extent of soundproofing required to achieve his or her objectives and just as importantly, the projected cost of the work.

At this stage, when all investigations have been completed, an ethical and experienced acoustic contractor should be in a position to offer the client a sound performance guarantee as well as a workmanship guarantee, for the work to be undertaken.