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Conforming to Building Regulation Part E


This Guarantee covers acoustic treatment to existing domestic or commercial properties which are subject to the mandatory requirements of Building Regulation Part E.

Thermacoustic Ltd guarantee that following acoustic treatment as quoted, the resulting sound improvements will match or exceed 43dB for airborne noise and match or be less that 64dB for impact noise (as required under Building Regulation Part E) subject to the terms and conditions stated below.

In the unlikely event of either airborne, impact or both failing to achieve the above requirements following our works then, providing payment terms as quoted have been adhered to, Thermacoustic Ltd will carry out further work to the structure at its own cost (including additional final sound testing as required) These works will be agreed with the client and independent analysts – Acoustic Associates (Sussex) Ltd.

If, at any stage during the initial work, unusual flanking paths or other structural impairments are discovered that were not originally apparent, which could diminish the probability of a sound test pass being achieved, then we reserve the right following consultation with the client to:

  • Cease work at a point involving minimum disruption and refund any monies paid in full


  • Agree an alternative way forward which is acceptable to both parties.

This Guarantee is issued by Thermacoustic Ltd:
Unit 2A, Chanctonfold, Horsham Road, Steyning, West Sussex, BN44 3AA and applies only to acoustic work carried out and invoiced by Thermacoustic Ltd. It is subject to a free initial inspection of the property to confirm that the existing structure is suitable to accept acoustic modifications and or additions and that following same, will achieve the minimum air-borne and impact (if applicable) noise requirements set out above. Our quotation will then confirm whether the guarantee can be applied.

The final mandatory sound test will be carried out by independent analysts Acoustic Associates (Sussex) Ltd, who will issue a pass certificate when the performance criteria demanded by Building Regulation Part E has been achieved or exceeded.

Ref: TAL/BRE/2019

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