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Thermacoustic can solve your external and internal noise problems caused by plant and equipment

Thermacoustic can carry out sound testing if required and design a solution for your noise problems –
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image-01External Noise:

Noise from ductwork, plant and equipment situated outside can cause disturbance to neighbouring dwellings particularly at night when background noise levels are low. Even equipment situated inside buildings is very often ‘vented’ through an internal wall causing noise disturbances to neighbours. This is exacerbated if the equipment runs late into the evening or 24/7



image-02Internal  Noise:

Noisy fans, ventilation equipment, generators, compressors and general machinery can prove stressful for employees which can lead to ill health and absenteeism. Hard surfaces such as walls, floors and ceilings reflect noise causing it to reverberate, making normal conversation difficult. When noise exceeds safety levels then ear protection has to be worn but this should always be the last resort if noise in the work environment can be reduced by physical improvements to the building envelope.