Reducing Noise in Buildings – The Dominant Sound Path

The importance of the dominant sound path in acoustics cannot be overestimated, as being able to identify this can save time and money when you aim is reducing noise in buildings.

When noise is emanating from outside a building such as from aircraft, traffic or just noisy people then this could be coming from windows, vents, doors or even the roof itself or usually a combination of these

Likewise, when noise is penetrating from within the building it can travel via the ceilings, walls or floors or again, more usually, a combination of these.

In order to offer the customer ‘best advice’ it is necessary to determine the dominant sound path which should be treated first. Following treatment, the noise may find another path or paths, the loudest of which will then become the new dominant path – but if the correct choice of initial treatment has been made, then subsequent noise will be weaker than the first and may indeed be acceptable to the client. If not then treatment of the 2nd dominant path can be undertaken and so on.

If Thermacoustic Ltd is the acoustic contractor chosen to carry out remedial work, it has the experience, equipment and back up to find the dominant sound path and propose the correct sequence of sound treatment.