Restaurants and Bars Lose Business due to Background Noise

How many times have we all strained to hear our friend’s and partner’s conversations when visiting a new venue for the first time, only to end up with a headache and a desire to leave due to the loud background noise from lack of proper soundproofing?

restaurant background noiseThe trend away from carpeted floors and soft furnishings has led to uncontrolled reverberation and echo in even top establishments, causing customers to leave and never return.

Yet this problem can be easily rectified by fitting strategically positioned wall and ceiling absorbers such that ‘problem venues’ can become pleasant places to visit. Our absorbers can be provided in a wide range of shapes and sizes to blend with the existing décor or we can offer an interior design service if modifications are major or refurbishment is planned.

Our designers are currently developing absorbers incorporating ‘mood’ lighting and directional speakers and we can even print your favourite paintings, photographs, or your company logo onto the absorbers, to make your venue ‘unique’.

For a limited period, we are offering to carry out computer modelling or reverberation testing at a discounted price in order to advise on the right solution for you – so stop losing customers and increase your repeat business by calling us today.

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