Soundproofing Reverberant Noise in Restaurant

Thermacoustic Ltd was pleased to be involved in solving the noise problem of the beautiful period restaurant Middle House in Mayfield.

restaurant soundproofing                                 Soundproofing noise in a restaurant

Recently extended, and to make the most of the stunning panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, the owners incorporated a wall of sliding glass doors. The visual effect was spectacular but on completion of the new extension, it was found to be ‘live and reverberant’ due to the hard surfacing of the walls, floors and ceiling.

Thermacoustic Ltd was contacted to provide a solution to the ‘rebounding’ sound in this beautiful room, and proposed the supply and fitting of sound absorbing panels to one wall and ceiling.

Great care was taken to solve the problem whilst keeping and enhancing the overall feel and ambiance of the room. Colours for the walls were chosen that complimented the existing cushions and table napkins and white ceiling absorbers were matched to the colour of the existing ceiling. (see photo)

On completion, the owners and management were very pleased with the new appearance and the sound ambience with staff saying:

“ the new wall absorbers added warmth and bought the new extension to life”