Thermacoustic Ltd Combines with Sound Improvements

On the 1st January 2019, Thermacoustic Ltd purchased the goodwill and assets of Sound Improvements who specialise in solving acoustic problems in residential properties for domestic clients. Coupled with Thermacoustic’s expertise in commercial and industrial properties  the acquisition of Sound Improvements will enable us to focus and execute the best possible ‘one stop’ advice and recommendation service.

With increasing pressure to build more properties and the increasing advance in technology, more buildings and conversion projects combine work, social and living establishments ever closer together, not only in new developments but also in building conversions. Being able to satisfy both, requires a multi layered and complex standard of acoustics.  This coupled with acoustic needs not being fully recognised and accommodated can cause stress and lead to disruption in people’s lives.

Now, as one acoustic focused company, Thermacoustic Ltd can solve the many issues our clients are experiencing both in residential and commercial buildings, sometimes combining the two and overcoming these complexities – whilst continuing to offer our unique performance guarantee.

We are the same professional and acoustic focused company; now offering a broader base under one roof. We have strived to build our company on reputation and give knowledgeable ‘best advice’ and have proudly been rewarded with continued recommendations and satisfied customers.

Acoustics is what we do, it’s our expertise and we are here to help.

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