Important Celebration: That Special Meal?

Soundproofing in restaurants

With that important day approaching and pressure to ‘get it right’ we search, ask friends what restaurants are trending and feel quietly excited when we feel we have it right.

All good you may think, but what happens when you arrive at the restaurant; you take a look around, its smart, clean, food looks and smells great, the table is discreet and romantic.

Then you ask your partner ‘what would they like to drink’? I’m sorry? they say… raise your voice and become aware you are hearing the conversations of the nearby tables, waiters interacting with customers, maybe even music in the back ground, you can hear everyone but the person sitting on the other-side of your table…….

This is a growing problem in todays stripped back modern restaurants. A problem that could have been avoided had the interior designers or architects taken the time to consider the customers ability to converse with their fellow diner? Quite important you would think?

It was a lovely evening, food was fantastic…..shame about the noise! Would you go back……probably not.

Thermacoustic Ltd is increasingly involved with sound rebound correction in not only restaurants but other public buildings where, actually hearing others is important without the embarrassment of having to keep straining to hear conversations.

You may be thinking that solving reverberation problems will be an unjustifiable extra cost. In reality, this may prove to be a very minor investment compared to the cost of lost business. You decide……….