Why Thermacoustic can Guarantee Soundproofing in your Business or Home.

There are many reasons why you might need soundproofing. You may want make sure that your business employees aren’t disturbed. Or, perhaps your son has taken up a musical instrument, and you need a place for them to practice. Some businesses are also required to be soundproofed to ensure that they don’t disturb nearby residents. That’s why you need to make sure that a service you use does guarantee full soundproofing. At Thermacoustic, that’s exactly what we provide. Catering to restaurants, hotels, churches, function rooms, homes and offices in Surrey and Sussex, we will guarantee your property or room is fully soundproofed. How can we guarantee this?

No Cutting Corners

With soundproofing, it’s important to use high-quality service. You need to make sure that the best materials are used and that they are installed correctly. There are lots of ways to cheapen the deal when setting up soundproofing around a business or residential property. It can make the process a lot faster, but it won’t be anywhere near as effective. Here at Thermacoustic, we put in the time and effort to make sure that the job is completed the right way.

Working With the Top Consultants

Sound testing is always going to be important for ensuring that a soundproofing solution is effective. That’s why Thermacoustic only works with the absolute best sound test consultants. These consultants are completely independent of our company and will judge our solution honestly and accurately. We only issue a minimum performance guarantee if both ourselves  and our consultants accept that the proposed acoustic work will achieve the required result.

Paying Attention to Important Details

Before we provide a sound solution on your business property in Surrey or Sussex, we’ll complete a survey test when necessary. With a pre-sound test, we can find out exactly how much sound is escaping from the room and the level of soundproofing required to guarantee the best results. We customise our service for each individual client to make sure that you are getting the best deal for your requirements.

Specialist Components

With soundproofing, one of the most important aspects of guaranteeing that it works effectively is the components used. At Thermacoustic, we use totally unique components that are tried and tested. These are built into the systems that we provide to our clients to guarantee that absolute maximum level of soundproofing. We have strived to perfect our systems and make sure that they are the best on the market for both commercial and domestic use. Whether you want to reduce the noise you hear from your neighbours or keep your hotel rooms completely quiet at night, these are the components you need.

Expert Knowledge

Finally, we have been providing soundproofing for businesses and homes in Surrey and Sussex for years. We know what makes a system work and why sound tests can fail. As such, we can fix the issues you might have and guarantee that a room in your home or an area of your business property is completely soundproofed. We won’t rest until you get the results you need.

Trust our service and you won’t be disappointed with the results using our soundproofing systems in your business or home. Contact us now to find out more.